"Fire Station #33 and the Fire Administrative Offices are located at 14801 Mission Road. This state of the art facility was completed in the summer of 2002 and includes spacious living quarters, a training room, a completely equipped exercise room, and individual sleeping quarters. Fire Station #33 also has an emergency generator and vehicle exhaust removal system, as well as a washer/extractor which is used for cleaning the contaminants from turnout gear after a fire. A Captain and 2-3 firefighters are assigned to Fire Station #33 to staff Quint 33. Other response equipment located at this station includes Utility 36 and an 18' trailer which carries a 14' Zodiac boat and a Polaris Ranger 6X6. Engine 33, the department's mechanical reserve apparatus, is also located here. The Fire Administration offices are located on the upper level of Fire Station #33." - Leawood Fire Department Website

Quint 33

2006 Pierce Dash 75'
GPM: 2,000
Gallons: 500

Serial #: 18362


Reserve Engine 33

2008 Pierce Velocity
GPM: 1,500
Gallons: 300
Serial #: 20917
Ex: Leawood Engine 31

Reserve Truck

2002 Pierce Dash 100'
GPM: 2,000
Gallons: 300
Serial #: 13252
Ex: Leawood Truck 32

Utility 33

2011 Ford F-350


Utility 35

2017 Ford Transit Connect


Boat 33/ATV 33