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Ford County – Bucklin


Today we bring your Ford County Fire-EMS Bucklin Station

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Former Newton Fire-EMS Apparatus


With everyone inside because of the snow we thought we would share some former apparatus from Newton Fire-EMS in Harvey County.

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St John Fire Dept.


Today we bring you St. John Fire Dept. in Stafford County.

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Holyrood Fire Department


On the last day of 2021 we bring your Holyrood Fire Department in Ellsworth County.

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McPherson County Fire Dist 2


Today we bring you McPherson County Fire District 2 in Marquette

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Overland Park Update


We have updated a lot of apparatus for Overland Park Fire Department thanks to Tyler Silvest

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McPherson Fire Department Update


We have updated photos from McPherson Fire Department along with a couple new department vehicles.

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Marion Fire Department


Today we have added Marion Fire Department in Marion County

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Abilene Fire Department


Today we bring you Abilene Fire Department thanks to apparatus photographers Jason Giszewski and Frank Wegloski from Indiana.

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Solomon Fire Department


Today we have added Solomon Fire Department in Dickinson County.

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Cowley County Fire Dist 8 – Cambridge


We have added Cowley County Fire District 8 – Cambridge, KS

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KCKFD Former Apparatus


We have added the following former apparatus for KCKFD from 2002: Pumper 1 Pumper 3 and HazMat 3 Pumper 4 Quint 6 and Brush 6 Pumper 7 Pumper 8 and Brush 8 Pumper 9 and Car 61 Pumper 10 and Quint 10 Pumper 16

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Butler Co. Fire Dist 8


Today we bring you Butler County Fire Dist. 8 in Douglass, KS

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Atwood Fire Department


Today we have added Atwood Fire Department.

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Montgomery Co. Fire Dist – Liberty Div.


We have added Montgomery County Fire Dist. 1 – Liberty Division.

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Emporia Fire Department

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,Pierce,Rosenbauer,Spartan

Today we bring you Emporia Fire Department

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Various Photo Additions


Today we added various apparatus photos: Wichita Fire Department – Former Truck 2 Lenexa Fire Department – Engine 92 Johnson Co. Fire Dist. 2  – Heavy Squad 84 Overland Park Fire Department – Squad 47 Topeka Fire Department – Truck 9

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Former Apparatus Leawood/Lenexa

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,Ford,Pierce

Today we bring you former apparatus from Lenexa and Leawood Fire Departments.

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Augusta Dept. of Public Safety


Today we bring you Augusta Dept. of Public Safety

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Salina Fire Department

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,Dodge,Ford,Pierce,Rosenbauer,Smeal,Spartan,Toyne

Today we bring you Salina Fire Department