Great Bend Fire Department

"The Great Bend Fire Department is a career fire/emergency medical service serving the City of Great Bend since 1874. Our department is comprised of 28 shift members along with the Fire Chief, Fire Inspector, Department Secretary, Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer, Permit Technician and part-time firefighters. Each of the three shifts contain a Battalion Chief, two Captains, a Firefighter IV and 3 firefighters and each shift works 24-hour shifts. All personnel are highly trained in the most recent firefighting and EMS techniques.

The department provides fire protection and rescue for the City of Great Bend and residents in the following townships: Buffalo, Liberty, South Bend, and Great Bend. In addition, the department provides EMS response and transport to the City of Great Bend, six townships, and the Cities of Albert and Pawnee Rock. The total population served is 20,000 people, and the average response time is 3.5 minutes in the City and eight minutes in the county.

The department currently has two staffed stations in the City and one unstaffed station at the Great Bend Municipal Airport.

" - Great Bend Fire Department Website

*Station photos used from official department website*