Cheyenne County Fire Department – Bird City

Cheyenne County Fire Department covers 600 sq miles of Cheyenne County.  They are 100% volunteer and operate out of two stations. Bird City Fire Department also operates out of this station. Information and photos are accurate as of the date on the photos. Please contact us for changes.

Rural 3

Unk Year Ford F550/Unknown
GPM: Unknown
Gallons: Unknown

Rural 4

Unk Year Peterbilt/Unknown
GPM: Unknown
Gallons: Unknown

Rural Engine

1983 International/American
GPM: 225
Gallons: 1,000
Serial #: Unknown

Former Rescue 1

1984 Dodge Ram/Koening/American
GPM: 175
Gallons: 300

Former Tanker 3

1960 Chevrolet/FD Built
GPM: 250
Gallons: 1,000