Kansas City Kansas Fire Department – Station 8 Former Apparatus

Station History

"Station 8 was built in 1910 (the same year as station 9). This station was located at 16th Street and Garfield Avenue. Just like Station 9, this station was built with architectural design in mind. Station 8 had the same floor plan as Station 9, but the yellow brick was not used on this station. They added a statue to the front of the station, as well. Station 8 was in service until 1981. In 1983, the station caught fire and had to be torn down. The gargoyles were taken off the station and are now on display at the Wyandotte County Museum.

In 1982, Prairie Township built a Fire Station and began their Volunteer Fire service. The township covered the Piper area. The Fire Station served Prairie Township until 1992 when the township was annexed by Kansas City, KS. The KCKFD moved into the townships' Fire Station and renumbered it KCKFD's Station 8. Since old station 8 closed in 1981 and because the Fire Department did not reuse this number on a replacement station to #8, the old Prairie Township Station was given the number."
- Provided by Historical Society of the Kansas City Kansas Fire Department


Former Pumper 8

1954 International/Minnesota
GPM: Unknown
Gallons: Unknown
Serial #: Unknown

Former Tanker 8

1978 Ford/Unknown
GPM: 250
Gallons: 1,500
Serial #: Unknown

Former Brush 8

GPM: 125
Gallons: 250

Former Pumper 8

1993 Freightliner FL80/E-One
GPM: 1,250
Gallons: 1,000
Serial #: 12477

Former Pumper 8

2004 HME SFO/Boise Mobile Equipment
GPM: 1,250
Gallons: 500
Serial #: Unknown

Former Pumper 8

2017 Pierce Dash CF
GPM: 1,500
Gallons: 750
Serial #: 31102-01
*Former KCKFD Pumper 1