Kansas City Kansas Fire Department – Station 10

Station 10 is located just west of Rainbow Blvd. and north of W. 36th Ave. The station faces southeast.

Station History

"Station 10 has a history that goes back to when Rosedale was its own city. Rosedale was established in 1872, and the city was seen by the citizens of Rosedale, as an extension of Kansas City, Missouri. Therefore, the roads are all based off Missouri streets. Before Rosedale built their City Hall, the Fire Department held all its fire equipment in 4 different sheds (locations unknown to the Historical Society) throughout the city. Finally, in 1910, Rosedale built the City Hall on Southwest Blvd. and what is now, I-35 and moved all the Fire Department equipment into one location. The building held all of Rosedale's City Departments in this one building until 1922 when Kansas City, KS annexed the City of Rosedale. The Kansas City Kansas Fire Department took over Rosedale's City Hall building and renumbered it to Station #10. This station was a single company fire house (one fire truck) after the annexation, but shortly after, a second fire company was added. This was a response to the confusion with the streets and the delays in response times from crews responding from the neighboring areas. Adding a second crew helped the original crew by responding at the same time and adding extra man power on the scene. This helped firefighters in case there were any delays from the other crews.

On August 18, 1959, Station #10, along with many other rigs from KCKFD, responded to one of the most memorable fires in the Kansas City area. On that day, Station #10's crews responded to a fire at Continental Oil at 2 Southwest Blvd in Kansas City, KS. The original response was three pumpers, two ladder trucks, and two district Chiefs. They responded a little after 8 a.m. to a fire in the loading area of Continental Oil, where a spark ignited the fuel tanks. Around 8:30, the first call for mutual aid from KCFD was dispatched. The fire was fought for two hours before the fuel tanks exploded. Forty firefighters were treated at local hospitals for burns. Five KCMO firefighters and 1 civilian that were burned by the explosion died because of their injuries. A memorial now stands at the site to remind us of the efforts and ultimate sacrifices made by both KCKFD and KCFD on that day.

In 1996, this station was closed after 86 years of service to the citizens in the Rosedale area. The new, and current, Station 10 is located at W. 36th Ave and Rainbow Blvd. This station was combined with Station 12 from W. 43rd Ave and Rainbow Blvd. "
- Provided by Historical Society of the Kansas City Kansas Fire Department


Pumper 10

2017 Pierce Dash CF
GPM: 1,500
Gallons: 750
Serial #: 31102-02
*Former KCKFD Pumper 9

Truck 10

2019 Pierce Enforcer 107'
GPM: 0
Gallons: 0
Serial #: 33125

Car 122 (Battalion Chief South)

Former Foam 10

2007 Freightliner M2112/2009 Wolverine
GPM: 2,000
Gallons: 1000/1000A
Serial #: Unknown

Former Pumper 10

2001 HME/Ferrera
GPM: 1,250
Gallons: 500
Serial #: H-1738

Former Quint 10

2004 E-One Cyclone 75'
GPM: 1250
Gallons: 500
Serial #: Unknown