Riley County Fire Dist. 1 – Station 101

Riley County Fire Station #101 was built in 1999 and is located just south of Zeandale Road on Tabor Vallery Rd. in Zeandale.

Pumper 101

1996 E-One Cyclone II (The Colonel)
GPM: 1,500
Gallons: 750
Serial #: 16839-02
Ex: Washington DCFD Engine 2 (Chinatown)

Information about the Truck's Name "Colonel":
Costello N. Robinson a.k.a. “The Colonel”
Firefighter/Technician Badge#967 on Box 6812.
Engine Company #2 DCFD

July 9, 1999 Died suddenly in the hospital as a result of injuries sustained on July 7, 1999 at #50 Temple Court N.W.,

"While operating on a double local for an investigation of smoke in the building, “The Colonel” was attacked by a dog. He suffered leg injuries from the attack. While in the hospital awaiting surgery, a blood clot apparently moved from the injury site and killed him. Costello was close to retirement with around 40 years of service and was the most senior active firefighter with DCFD. He was a Police Officer with MPD prior to his appointment to the DCFD. He was also a high ranking officer in the DC/Civil Air Patrol. He left behind a wife of many years and several children and grand-children.

The Colonel was EXTREMELY dedicated to 2 Engine and the department."

Brush 101

2011 Ford F-550/Local
GPM: 250
Gallons: 300

Heavy Brush 101

1996 Stewart Stevenson M1083
GPM: Unknown
Gallons: Unknown

Former Brush 1

1977 Chevy 1500/Local
GPM: 150
Gallons: 250

Former Tanker 1

1975 Ford F-600
GPM: Unknown
Gallons: Unknown