Osawatomie State Hospital Fire Department

Osawatomie State Hospital is one of the last two State Hospitals in Kansas, and is located outside the City of Osawatomie, Kansas. They are a State operated Security Safety Department that provides security and fire protection for the Hospital grounds. The grounds are comprised of single family private residence and commercial buildings. They have an automatic aid agreement with Osawatomie Fire Department and Miami County EMS provides EMS services.




1999 E-One Cyclone
GPM: 1,250
Gallons: 500
Serial #: 20942
Ex: Kansas City Kansas Fire Department Pumper


1991 Ford F-350/Hays Fire
GPM: 250
Gallons: 350
Serial #: Unknown

Former Engine

1980 Ford F700/American Fire
GPM: 750
Gallons: 750
Serial #: Unknown