Mission Fire Department Inc. Fire District 1

Mission Fire Department Inc started in 1939 and was called Mission Hill Acres Fire Department. In 1952 it became Mission Fire Department Inc. and depended on donations. In 1960 Mission Fire Department Inc. contacted with the towns of Mission and Roeland Park. Mission Fire District 1 was created in 1973. was.

The first station was a garage on Outlook St. north of Johnson Dr. A three bay station was built and operated out of from 1944 to 1954 on Johnson Dr at Outlook Street, and still in use as a business. The department moved in 1954 to a station on Beverly Ave. south of Johnson Dr. until 1976. The station is now Casey's Automotive.  From 1977 to the merged with Consolidated Fire District 2 on Oct. 1, 1988, MFD Inc. operated out of a new station at 6400 Martway. This station is currently Station 21 for CFD2.

The Fire Chief was the only paid employee from 1962 to 1975. In 1975 a Rescue Director for the BLS ambulance was hired along with a EMT and a Fire Inspector. Nine firefighters and 2 EMT's were hired in 1976. Additional daytime firefighter was hired in 1980 and covered the ambulance if a volunteer wasn't available. A couple more firefighters were added around 1984.

- Info from Mark Whelan

Johnson St. Station
(5725 Johnson Dr. Mission, KS)


Beverly Ave. Station
(5915 Beverly Ave, Mission, KS)


Former Engine

1939 Dodge/US Fire Equipment
GPM: 300
Gallons: Unknown

Serial #: Unknown

Former Engine

1954 American La France 700 Series Invader
GPM: 750
Gallons: 300

Serial #: L-5041
*Sold to Altamont, Kansas

Info from Rick Mosher: "Loaned to South Park, Kansas Vol. Fire Department 1971-1976 returned to Mission and used as a reserve from 1976-1981"

Former Engine 521/551/851/852

1957 American La France 800 Series Spartan
GPM: 1,000
Gallons: 500

Serial #: L-5525

Info from Rick Mosher: "Ordered with right hand pump panel to match the 1954 ALF 700. It was retrofitted in 1969 with 54' Squirt. The Engine was removed from service and disposed of in 1990. "

Former Engine 520/521

1971 American La France
GPM: 2,000
Gallons: 500

Serial #: 14-1-2269

Info from Mark Whelan: "This was one of the first 2,000 GPM engines west of the Mississippi River besides Los Angles Fire Department. Was sold to a farmer to be used in irrigation line pumping"


Former Engine 520/231/233

1981 American La France
GPM: 2,000
Gallons: 500

Serial #: CE-7203

Info from Rick Mosher: "After Mission was absorbed by Consolidated Fire Dist 2 in 1989, it served as Engine 231. It then went to Fire House 3 as Engine 233. In 1991 it was wrecked on the driver side, and pushed the front tire under the jump seat. It was repaired and repainted a solid cherry red with white strip. It had a number of drive train issues that eventually forced it out of service."

Former Rescue 560/261

1981 Ford/E-One
GPM: 250
Gallons: 200

Serial #: CE-7203

Info from Rick Mosher: "The red lights on the bumper are from Missions 700 or 800 ALF. They were originally the rear warning lights. This truck was abruptly sold to Sale Creek, Tennessee Fire Dept. by Consolidated Fire District 2 Chief around 1996."