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KCKFD Former Apparatus 1973 Part 2

Category:American LaFrance,GMC,Seagrave

Today we bring you former KCKFD Apparatus as photographed in 1973 for the following stations: KCKFD Station 4 KCKFD Station 5 KCKFD Station 6 KCKFD Station 7 KCKFD Station 8  

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KCKFD Former Apparatus 1973

Category:American LaFrance,GMC,Seagrave

¬†Thanks to Steve Skaar and the late Duane Troxel we will start bringing you KCKFD’s apparatus as shot in 1973. Today we bring you former apparatus from: KCKFD Station 1 KCKFD Station 2 KCKFD Station 3

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Hays Fire Dept. Update


Thanks to John Hooper Jr. we have a photo of Hays Fire Department’s newest Engine, Engine 3.

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Riley County Fire Dist 1 Update 3/3


Today we bring you the last part of our Riley County Fire Dist. 1 update. We bring you Stations 114,115,116 and Former Station 17.

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Riley County Fire Stations 106 to 112


Today we bring you Riley County Fire District 1 – Stations 106 to 112. This is the second part of our Riley County Update. More to come in the next week.

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Butler County Update


Today we have a small update of some Butler County Apparatus from Butler County Fire Dist. 3 in Rose Hill, KS and Fire Dist. 2 in Augusta, KS Butler County Fire Dist. 3: Command 30 Command 32 Butler County Fire Dist. 2: Pickup 6

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Riley County Fire Stations 101 to 105


Today we bring you Riley County Fire District 1 – Stations 101 to 105. This is the first part of our Riley County Update. More to come in the next several weeks.

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Former Apparatus Update


Thanks to John Arthur, we are able to display former Engine 2 from Salina Fire Department , Former Hose Wagon 1 from Wichita Fire Department , and Ford County Fire EMS Former Engine 1

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Ottawa County Fire Dist 4


Today we bring you Ottawa County Fire Dist 4 in Bennington

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Barton County Fire Dist 2 – Hoisington


Today we bring you Barton County Fire Dist 2 – Hoisington

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Ford County – Dodge City


Today we bring you Ford County Fire-EMS Dodge City Station as well as Former Apparatus from Ford County Fire-EMS

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Ford County – Ford


Today we bring your Ford County Fire-EMS – Ford Station.

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Ford County – Bucklin


Today we bring your Ford County Fire-EMS Bucklin Station

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Former Newton Fire-EMS Apparatus


With everyone inside because of the snow we thought we would share some former apparatus from Newton Fire-EMS in Harvey County.

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Former Derby Apparatus


Today we bring your Former Derby Apparatus.

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Stafford Fire Department


Today we bring you Stafford Fire Department in Stafford County.

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St John Fire Dept.


Today we bring you St. John Fire Dept. in Stafford County.

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Colby Fire Dept. Update


We have updated Colby Fire Department with some newer photos and we have added former apparatus as well.

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Larned Fire Department

Category:American LaFrance,Dodge,Ford,Smeal,Spartan,Unruh

Today we bring you the first department we have photographed in Pawnee County, Larned Fire Department

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Holyrood Fire Department


On the last day of 2021 we bring your Holyrood Fire Department in Ellsworth County.