Kansas City Kansas Fire Department – Station 4

Station 4 is located just south of Leavenworth Ave. and east of N 81st St. The station faces east.

Station History

"Station 4 was opened in 1899 on South 7th Street just south of Central Avenue. The station was put into service to cover the residential area of downtown Kansas City, KS. This station served the downtown area until 1967 when Kansas City, KS annexed the Quindaro Township. The first Quindaro Township station was at 81st Street and Leavenworth Road at what is now the Animal Crackers. A few years before the Quindaro Township was annexed, they built a new station right next to Animal Crackers. This station was renumbered to KCKFD Station 4."
- Provided by Historical Society of the Kansas City Kansas Fire Department


Pumper 4

2015 Pierce Dash CF
GPM: 1,500
Gallons: 750
Serial #: 28568-03
Ex: KCKFD Pumper 18

Former Pumper 4

2009 Pierce Arrow XT
GPM: 1,250
Gallons: 500
Serial #: 22121
Ex: KCKFD Pumper 1

Former Pumper 4

1984 Ford C/Pierce
GPM: 1,250
Gallons: 500
Serial #: Unknown