Riley County Fire Dist. 1 – Station 12

Riley County Fire Station #12 is located just north of Highway 24 on the east side of Highway 13. Station 12 is one of the busiest stations in the county due to the large population in it's response area. Station 12 has the highest number of volunteers, partly due to the proximity to Kansas State University and the City of Manhattan. Brush 12 attends most KSU Football games to respond to any fires around the stadium/parking lots.

Pumper 12

2003 Pierce Dash
GPM: 2,000
Gallons: 750
Serial #: 13702-01
Ex: Washington Township/Avon FD Indiana

Former Brush 12

2020 Ford F-550/Weis Fire
GPM: 250
Gallons: 400

Tender 12

Unknown Make/Model/Weis
GPM: 1,000
Gallons: 1,400

Former Brush 12

2011 Ford F-550/Local
GPM: 250
Gallons: 300