Johnson County Fire Dist. 2

As of November 2021 JCFD2 no longer exist. Stations 81 and 82 were taken over by Overland Park Fire Department, Station 83 was closed because Overland Park Fire Department built a new fire station 48 to cover that area, and Station 84 was transferred to Johnson County Fire Dist. 1.

Old Information about JCFD2:
"JCFD2 continues to operate from four staffed fire stations located throughout the Fire District. The department provides Fire & EMS services to approximately 140 square miles in Johnson and Miami County. Territories served by the Fire District include; the City of Spring Hill, Stilwell, Bucyrus, Chiles, Wagstaff, Hillsdale, Hillsdale Lake, and portions of southern Overland Park. JCFD2 presently operates 4-engines, l-quint, 3- brush units, 1- squad, 2-ambulances, 1- water rescue boat, and 2-tenders (water tanker trucks). The Fire District has an on-duty firefighting force of 14 personnel 24/7. The Fire District presently employs 45 full-time members, 15 part-time members, and has 3 volunteer firefighters. The Fire District obtained an ISO protection class 3 rating in 2007." - Johnson County Fire Dist. 2 Website