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Former Wichita Fire Apparatus (Cont)

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,Dodge,Ford,Smeal,Spartan

Today we bring you: Wichita Station 9 Former Apparatus Wichita Station 10 Former Apparatus Wichita Station 11 Former Apparatus

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Former Wichita Fire Apparatus (Cont.)

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,Ford,Pierce,Seagrave,Sutphen

We have posted former Wichita Fire Department apparatus for the following stations: Station 6 Station 7 Station 8

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Former Wichita Fire Dept. Apparatus

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,Dodge,Pierce,Seagrave,Spartan,Sutphen

We have posted former Wichita Fire Dept. Apparatus for the following stations: Station 1 Station 2 Station 3 Station 4 Station 5

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Mission Fire Dept Inc.

Category:American LaFrance,Dodge,E-One,Ford

We have added former Mission Fire Dept. Inc./Fire Dist. 1 in Johnson Co. Kansas.

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Former Apparatus OPFD

Category:American LaFrance,Ford,Mack

Today we bring you several former Overland Park Fire Department apparatus.

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Auburn Fire

Category:American LaFrance,Ford

Today we bring your Shawnee County Fire Dist. 2 – Auburn Fire.

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Lake Quivira Fire Department

Category:American LaFrance,E-One,Uncategorized

Today we have added Lake Quivira Fire Department that was disbanded 1/1/2018.

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Apparatus Update

Category:American LaFrance,Pierce

Added Pratt Ladder 4 and Overland Park Truck 46

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Ottawa Fire Department

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,Ford,Pierce,Uncategorized

We have added Ottawa Fire Department.

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Iola Fire Department

Category:American LaFrance,Ferrara,Pierce,Smeal

Today we have added Iola Fire Department

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Atchison Fire Rescue

Category:American LaFrance,E-One,Ford,KME,Pierce,Rosenbauer,Smeal

We have added Atchison Fire Rescue.

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St Marys Fire Department

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,E-One,Ford,Spartan

We have added St. Marys Fire Department

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Township 12 Fire Dept.

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,Ford

We have added Pratt County Township 12 Fire Department

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Ellis Fire Department

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,Rosenbauer

We have added Ellis Fire Department

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Added former Shawnee Fire Apparatus

Category:American LaFrance,E-One,Ford

Added photos from Steve Loftin’s 1986 photo shoot with Shawnee Fire Department