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Sedgwick County Fire Dist. 1 Update


Added photos of Tender 35 and Squad 35.

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Lyon County Fire Dist 5 Update


Updated photos of 5521 and 5522, and a photo of their new to them 5535 for Lyon Co. Fire Dist. 5

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Belleville Fire Department


Today we have added Belleville Fire Department including their 1948 Mack.

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Cunningham Fire Dept

Category:American,Ford,Smeal,Stewart & Stevenson,Weis

Today we bring you Cunningham Fire Dept. in Kingman County.

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KCKFD Photo Update


We have added photos of the following apparatus: Quint 12/Brush 12/Medic 12 Medic 7 Brush 16 Pumper 8 Pumper 15

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Wichita Fire Department Update


Today we bring you the newest additions to Wichita Fire Department: Engine 15 Engine 22/Truck 7 Battalion 4

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Great Bend Fire Department


Today we bring you Great Bend Fire Department in Barton County  

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Pratt Photo Update

Category:American LaFrance,E-One,Ford,Seagrave,Spartan

Today we bring you a photo update from Pratt Fire Department. Including their new body on their squad.

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Johnson County Fire District 1


Today we bring you Johnson County Fire Dist. 1

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Fairmount Twp Photo Update


Today we bring you a photo update to Fairmount Twp in Leavenworth County

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Augusta Fire Department


Today we bring you Augusta Fire Department’s two newest Engines.

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Northwest Consolidated Fire District


Today we  bring you Northwest Consolidated Fire District in Johnson County.

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Bonner Springs Update


Today we bring you updated photos of Bonner Springs Fire Department heavy apparatus sporting new decals.

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Paola Fire Department

Category:American LaFrance,Chevy,GMC,HME,Jeep,Pierce,Spartan,Sutphen,Unruh

Today we bring you one our our largest updates ever. Paola Fire Department/Miami County Fire Dist 1 in Miami County, KS. We have 22 past and present apparatus photos on the site!

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WFD Station 18 Photo Update


Today we bring you updated photos of Wichita Fire Department Engine 18 and Truck 5

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Valley Center Fire Dept Update


Today we bring your an update to Valley Center Fire Department in Sedgwick County

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Atchison County Fire Dist. 5 Update 2


Today we bring you an update to Atchison County Fire Dist. 5 – Huron station.

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Atchison County Fire Dist. 5 Update 1


Today we bring you an update to Atchison County Fire Dist. 5 – Lancaster station.

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Atchison County Fire Dist 2


Today we bring you Atchison County Fire Dist. 2 in Effingham

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Sabetha Fire Department


Today we bring you Sabetha Fire Department.